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Svetlana “Lani” Ravinovich, Psy.D.
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School Services

When your child is experiencing social or behavioral difficulties at school, the best intervention is the one that is consistent across settings. To compliment his or her work with me, it is often necessary and helpful to make sure that those interacting with him or her at school are using appropriate strategies and techniques that will result in your child’s successful ability to be independent and confident in their school environment.

A complete school consultation includes the following:

  • Parent interview regarding school difficulties and treatment goals you would like to address.
  • Observation of your child at school during their most difficult time of day, and a transition either into or out of this period (e.g., recess, circle time, seated work time, etc.).
  • Teacher interview to understand their concerns, and the strategies that have already been tried to help with the presenting difficulties. This is also an opportunity for me to understand what additional interventions will be helpful for your child in their specific school setting.
  • A report reviewing your concerns, the observation, teacher interview, a comprehensive list of tailored recommendations and a specific behavioral plan when indicated.
  • A team meeting, with myself, parents, and teachers, to review the report and the specific recommendations.

Other School Services:

  • I am available to attend IEPs to help with eligibility, acquisition of appropriate services, and development of goals or behavior support plans.
  • I provide training and supervision of 1:1 shadow aides and teachers.